Achieve Operational Transparency

CSI/FLEX® provides transparency and insight to your organization's efficiencies in real-time. Regardless of location, CSI/FLEX® connects teams and stakeholders with equipment - measuring utilization, efficiencies, service requirements and more.  Information is securely delivered in an easy-to-read contextual format for each role or department throughout your enterprise. 

Support for your Critical Business Objectives

As we look ahead to the next decade of digital business, our development teams at CSI/FLEX® are focused on providing you with smart solutions to help your organization maximize efficiencies and predictability. We are working to develop cutting-edge technological solutions that you need – smart solutions to the issues that keep you up at night. CSI/FLEX® helps you address the production challenges unique to your organization, and also helps keep your team and stakeholders informed and connected to relevant information required to fulfill your key-business objectives.

Eliminate Repetitive Problems

Implementing a problem‑solving approach in your business can help you quickly zero in on the root causes of recurring operational issues and find solutions. CSI/FLEX® can help you zero-in on the root cause of problems by systematically analyzing historical data - allowing you to make evidence-based decisions. Once corrections are made, CSI/FLEX® collects data allowing you to evaluate new results while measuring progress using performance indicators, ultimately benchmarking against your initial situation and/or any applicable standards.


Quickly and securely collect data from any machine by leveraging CSI/CONNECT® - processes data from any machine in real-time.

The Setup of the CSIFLEX® Equipment Monitoring Unit is extremely simple. You first install the CSIFLEX® Server software and you’re ready to start adding Monitoring units and sensors. Up to 8 sensors can be connected to the LR-2 unit and measurements such as pressure, current, temperature or any other signal can be sent using Bluetooth or WIFI - all within a highly secure environment.