CSIFLEX's IIOT Solutions MTConnect® Adapter Offerings

MTConnect Adapter for FANUC i-series CNCs with Ethernet capability.

MTConnect adapter for FANUC robot controllers RJ3 and newer.

GE EPM Power Quality (CSIF-EPM)
MTConnect adapter compatible with GE's EPM series of power quality meters.

GE QuickPanel (CSIF-QP)
MTConnect Adapter for equipment with a GE QuickPanel View or QuickPanel+.

MTConnect Adapter for Haas CNCs with the M-Net option to obtain data via an Ethernet connection.

Haas CNC Serial via Serial Device Server (CSIF-HIP)
MTConnect Adapter for Haas CNCs allowing Internet Protocol (IP) connection from the Adapter server 
to the Haas serial (RS-232) port using Serial Device Server (terminal server) hardware.

Haas Next Generation Control (NGC) CNC (CSIF-HNGC)
MTConnect Adapter for Haas CNCs with Next Generation Control (NGC).

Heidenhain CNC (CSIF-HEI)
MTConnect Adapter for Heidenhain iTNC 530 and TNC 640 CNCs.

Siemens 840D CNC Interface Client (CSIFIA-840D)
This application provides a read-read interface between an 840D CNC (NCU or PCU) and a connected 
device or data source allowing each device to act according to the other device's status.  Examples 
are lathe-barfeed interface, robot to CNC machine interface, and establishing work offsets based on 
part program.  Highly configurable and customizable.

Siemens SINUMERIK 840D w/HMI Advanced (CSIF-SHA)
MTConnect Adapter for Siemens SINUMERIK 840D Powerline CNCs; also 840D sl (Solution Line) and 840Di 
CNCs with HMI Advanced software.

MTConnect Adapter for Siemens SINUMERIK 840Dsl (Solution Line) CNCs with SINUMERIK Operate HMI

Siemens SINUMERIK 840D WinNT and 95 (CSIF-SHM)
MTConnect Adapter for Siemens SINUMERIK 840D CNCs with MMC103 HMI and Windows 95 or 98
operating system; also for HMI Advanced systems with Windows NT or XP.

Advantech ADAM 6000 Series (CSIF-ADA)
MTConnect Adapter for an Advantech ADAM 6000-series unit for acquiring analog and digital signals 
from a wide array of sensors and equipment (0-10VDC or 4-20mA).  This allows legacy machines to be 
represented in the MTConnect format.

Barcode Scanner + S7 PLC Package (CSIF-SBCS7)
Hardware + software solution to present barcode scans in the MTConnect format.  Includes SIEMENS 
Panel PC with MTConnect adapter (barcode scanner not provided).  Users can configure nearly any 1D 
barcode to be read allowing a wide range of data to be collected.  Typical uses include operator, 
shop order, process step, part count, scrap count, downtime reason, etc.

MTConnect Adapter for FLIR AX8 Thermal Imaging Camera.  Provides non-contact temperatures based on 
IR image for 6 discrete points (spotmeters) or 6 regions (boxmeters).

IFM IO Link Modbus (CSIF-IFM)
MTConnect adapter for IFM vibration sensor using IO Link with Modbus

Load Controls UPC-E .NET Package (CSIF-UPCP)
Obtains the energy consumption of the attached device from a Load Controls UPC-E.  The UPC-E is 
provided with this package.  Based on the energy consumption level, this Adapter can interpret and 
deliver device STOPPED/READY/ACTIVE status.

Log File (CSIF-LOG)
CSIFLEX MTConnect adapter for machine generated log file in text format (typically .csv, .txt, 
MTConnect adapter for equipment which supports OPC Classic Data Access standard.

MTConnect adapter and agent that publishes OPC-UA data in an MTConnect compliant format.

PLC Adapter - Allen Bradley (CSIF-PLC (AB))
MTConnect adapter for a variety of Allen-Bradley PLCs including Logix family (ControlLogix, 
CompactLogix, ProcessLogix, FlexLogix, and GuardLogix), Micro800, MicroLogix, PLC5, and SLC500.   
This adapter runs on Window or Linux platforms.

PLC Adapter - Siemens SIMATIC S7 (CSIF-PLC (S7))
MTConnect adapter for Siemens S7 PLCs.

PLC Adapter for GE PLCs (CSIF-PLC (GE))
MTConnect adapter for GE PLCs. Supports PACSystems RXi, RX3i, and RX7i; Series 90-30, and VersaMax.